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Access to know-how in business management

Our freemium* model allows optimizing resources, increasing productivity and incorporating good practices to improve the performance of people and organizations.

Freemium* means that some of the resources and services are free (free) and others are paid (premium).

How does it work?

We remove friction so that collective wisdom flows in easier, faster, and cheaper ways.

1. Sign up and choose a plan

After confirming your registration, you choose the plan that best suits your needs and expectations as a consumer and/or content generator. Each plan gives you a number of credits that you can use on the platform.

2. Request and share know-how

Once inside, you ask for the know-how you need. The transactions you carry out may require a payment plan and have a credit value that will be credited to or deducted from your account as appropriate.

3. Grow and enjoy!

With your actions, you will help others grow, participate in projects, make your intangible assets profitable, create relationships, accumulate and redeem points, access discounts & benefits, among others.


Who does use our platform?

Ploosi serves those who work, study, or are interested in the management functions of a company. Most Ploosi users are:

Consultants or Advisors
Business Owners or Entrepreneurs
Enterprise Managers
Graduate and Post-Graduate Students
Management Professionals
Mgmt. Mentors, Trainers, Coaches

Covered functional areas

In our platform, you can find know-how in areas such as:

Transformación Digital
Digital Transformation
Human Resources
Intellectual Property
Customer service
Security & Contotinuity

What do they say about us?

The flexibility provided by having highly qualified consultants who serve our needs in an agile and direct way makes our processes cost-efficient and great value to the Organization.
John García, Cybersecurity Expert
Thanks, Ploosi; having an ally that connects experts in the market with different profiles allows us to have excellent quality solutions with high competitiveness and the flexibility and agility with which we operate in the market.
César López, IT Consulting Senior Manager
Ploosi has been a very different way of sharing and putting my knowledge at the service of others. Ploosi brings me closer to that community thirsty for knowledge, where AGILITY is a great feature that you can find.
Luis Lunar, Cloud Services Senior Manager

Ploosi at

As part of a program co-financed by the IDB, Ploosi was invited to participate in a television series where high-impact startups in Latin America were given visibility in different media and social networks.

Our Allies

It is part of our philosophy to seek and find collaborations with allies that complement us and allow us to build a strong ecosystem. Some of those organizations are:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anybody interested in sharing and having access to knowledge, time, experience, tools, and connections related to business management.

There are two forms of participation, as a person and as a company. People have three levels of membership: Basic (free), Premium, and Pro. In addition, companies can acquire a Corporate membership to give access to their collaborators.

Basic membership is free and gives access to some services. The Premium membership costs US$ 9.97 per month and provides access to all the benefits of the platform. Finally, the Pro membership costs US$ 9.97 per month, gives access to all services, and allows you to share assets and services to generate transactional or residual income.

The net income generated by the sale of memberships and services is distributed every month using the following criteria:

Content generator or service provider: 50%

Content curator or service manager: 20%

Membership or service seller: 15%

Ploosi Platform: 15%

Yes, please. When registering, if that person uses your referral code (which you can find in your profile), you will receive the percentage of the sale mentioned in the revenue distribution question.

It is a space (delivered in Spanish) in which we provide a weekly healthy dose to complement the knowledge diet carried out daily. In it, we define a concept, explain tools to apply it, and mention additional sources of information for those who want to delve into it. You can have access by clicking here. In addition, every week on social networks and Telegram, we publish what the respective chapter is about.

It is the meeting we have every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. via Teams to meet, share and grow together talking about the topic of the podcast chapter delivered that week. If you want to attend at the indicated time, you can click here. In our social networks and the Telegram channel, we publish the topic to be discussed and the guest who will lead the session each week.

It’s easy; click here and follow the instructions.

At Ploosi, we have an account on the following social networks, click on each one and follow us so that you are aware of all our news:





Our services and benefits are aimed at residents of the Republic of Colombia. If a person from another country registers or contracts our plans or services, they must identify their legal or fiscal responsibilities.

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