We help you tackle the technological and digital challenges of your business.

What is Ploosi?

It is an exponential organization that provides professional services based on the power of abundance and the magic of giving; We offer solutions to challenges that companies have in the strategy, planning, transformation, operation, service and continuous improvement of their technology function. For them we use our own and different method of operating which we call the Collective Wisdom Formula.

And, what is the Collective Wisdom Formula?

Cv, Vibrant Community

Abundance-minded groups of knowledge workers who seek not only personal gain but the success of the communities to which they belong.

Te, Emerging Technology

Use of emerging technological solutions that allow automating and supporting the provision of services so that human intervention is only necessary.

Ed, Disruptive Delivery

Revenue distribution and service provision model focused on collaboration, capacity building and full transparency for all stakeholders.

Ix, Exponential Impact

Use of distribution techniques that allow replicating from 1 to many, so that the results can generate a large-scale impact on society.

Covered functional areas*

We have extensive experience and concrete solutions to the challenges you may have in the following areas:

Transformación Digital
Digital Strategy & Transformation
Technology & Information Management
Finance & Resource Management focused on IT
Project Management focused on IT
People & Talent Management focused on IT

* New areas will be added in the future.

¿Qué empresas han trabajado con nosotros?

Ploosi in StartCo 2023

In 2023 we were once again selected among the most promising Startups in Latin America to present our Weesdo platform at StartCo 2023, one of the most important entrepreneurship and investment events in the region.

Our Allies

It is part of our philosophy to find and search for collaborations with allies that complement us and allow us to build a strong ecosystem. Some of those organizations are:

Preguntas frecuentes

We have a business model focused on solving the challenges of our clients, not on invoicing more. We believe that the consultant is a company doctor and his main motivation is not economic.

Yes please. In fact, we have an affiliate program that allows you to generate income from the businesses that end up being completed. Contact us here if you want to know more.

It is the meeting that we have on the last Tuesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. GMT -5 via Teams to get to know each other, share and grow. If you want to attend, at the indicated time, you can click here (it is in Spanish).

It’s easy, just click here and follow the instructions.

Improve your IT function through the power of collective wisdom